An Introduction to CUSA

Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M., the current Administrator of CUSA gives a brief introduction of CUSA, its history and theological underpinnings.

CUSA Caring

View an episode of the Trinity Broadcast Network's presentation of The Word in the World featuring Fr. Mike Manning, SVD interviewing CUSA's Administrator Fr. Lawrence.   The entire program entitled CUSA Caring as well as other interviews with Fr Mike are posted on the YouTube's Wordnet Productions Channel for your viewing.

CUSA Media

An Interview with Fr Lawrence

Below is a featured video published on YouTube that may be helpful to CUSA members and their friends and family. CUSA encourages people with a physical disability or chronic illness to join with others in our CUSA Community. In these videos, our Admistrator, Fr Lawrence, shares his thoughts about CUSA.

CUSA Administrator, Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M., shares his experience of what it is like to acquire a disability, how he coped, and how it changed his ministry.

Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld shares his experience of how persons with disabilities can serve the church.

Fr. Lawrence shares his experience of his support community.

Fr. Lawrence shares his experience of how we are called to be made whole and extend that invitation to others.

Fr. Lawrence shares how persons with disabilities who feel they are called to a religious or priestly vocation can discern the call.

Fr. Lawrence shares the role of CUSA in the church and how persons with disabilities serve the church.

Fr. Lawrence' closing remarks in his interview about CUSA, an Apostolate of Persons with Chronic Illness and/or Disability.

St Genesius, Patron of Media

Saint Genesius, listen to the prayers of those who invoke you. You are a witness to the grace and the power of the love of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, and as you laid down your life for his sake, you opened your heart to sing of his mercy for all generations to hear. Pray for those who are sick and for all who are in need; intercede, dear friend, that like you they may find their strength, joy and consolation in the Heart of our Crucified Saviour. Amen.