Daily CUSA Prayers

CUSAN Morning Offering

Dear Lord, here is a new day You have given me in which to love You and help others to love You as well.

So that my love for You may be even stronger, help me to spend the hours of this day in Your Presence, to offer as small sacrifices some of my own little likes and dislikes.  Help me not to waste my time in idle pursuits but instead to busy myself to the greatest possible extent in works which are pleasing to You.  And above all things, help me to love and accept Your Holy Will.

Lord Jesus, through this cross of my disability, it is Your desire to bring me nearer to Your Divine Heart, and especially do You want me to offer my cross, united with Your own - in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world - for the salvation of souls.

O my Jesus, help me today not to waste a single one of the trials - both large and small - which, if borne with patience, can obtain so many graces.  I desire the Will of the Father, and walking in Your footsteps, I accept these trials and offer them to the Father with all my heart in reparation for my sins, for my Group and its Intention, for our deceased CUSANS, our benefactors, and all those who ask for our prayers, and for the other apostolic intentions which have been entrusted to me.

Bless my brothers and sisters in CUSA, and may we all glorify You and give proof of our love for You by bearing courageously and even joyously the cross which is ours.  Amen.

CUSA Evening Prayer

O Heavenly Father, another day given me to love You, and to help others to love You, draws to a close.  Has it been a day which I can offer lovingly to You?  Have my thoughts turned to You frequently this day, and have I tried to be Christ-like in all my contacts with others?

I love You, my God, and I beg forgiveness for any way in which I offended You today.

I cannot undo my petty faults of the day; the unkind retort, my foolish pride, forgetting You for so many hours.

All that remains is a loving regret and a determination to serve You better tomorrow.


Prayer for Easing of Stress and Anxiety

Lord, there has been too much change in my life recently, and I feel overwhelmed.  Because I try to be a responsible person, I sometimes forget that it is unwise for me to allow my sense of duty to override my common sense.

Lord, help me to allow myself more time to rest, relax, and pray.  Guide me toward something spiritual to read every day and a quiet time afterwards to reflect on what I have read and how it pertains to my life.  I truly want to simplify my life and live more as Christ did.  Help me remember that there is no loss or problem I must face alone. You are always near, with Your love and compassion to comfort me.  


Prayer for the Courage to Seek Help

Afraid and confused, I come to You, Lord.  After many difficult days and nights, I simply don't know where to turn or what to do.  Help me and all those who are in need of courage to seek help for our problems.  Grant me the grace to know my limits as I begin to solve the problems which now weigh so heavily upon me.  Be with me as I reach out for the help which will restore balance and serenity to my life.  As I recover, learn, and grow from this experience, may I always take the time to reach out to others with the tenderness and compassion that I so long for at this time.


Matthew 16:24c