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  • 1 March 2013
  • Author: CUSA Administrator
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Nina Sanfilippo, EGL 4

Just wanted to share with you what a day I am having today.

While I was praying on the telephone line with a group of Christians, I looked in my bottom drawer and found the account of my boss’ son’s death (one of his two sons who have died).  His 8th anniversary will be March 5, 2013.  I’m going to Xerox the account and send it around to my co-workers.

I read about your Brooklyn.  (This is Phyllis McHenry’s niece.  Phyllis is a member of CUSA).  When I prayed with my Christian friends this morning on a telephone line, the prayers were over.  I mentioned Brooklyn being 14 months old and having 4th stage cancer.  The prayers just started and kept coming, and then we prayed in tongues.  It was 25 minutes later, our usual prayer time was over and Brooklyn was still being mentioned.  Your brother and his wife who had 13 children were mentioned and prayed for.  Brooklyn’s mom and dad were prayed for.  I was in tears!

Then I got on the train.  I had a rosary that I made in my pocket, and in comes this young lady who gave me a big smile, sat down beside me and then asked me (a total stranger to her) “how is your day so far?”  I told her about Brooklyn, and we got to talking.  She told me about how the nuns used to make rosaries, and why they are called rosaries.  She says that it’s all on the internet!

On my way, walking to my Company, a man with his walker was coming along, and suddenly this truck started backing up.  Before my eyes I could see this tragedy about to happen.  A young lady, an angel, screamed out to the driver of the huge truck to please halt.  All was well.  The driver thanked the young lady with such gratitude, and so did the man with his walker.

Tonight, please God, my co-worker and I are going to see the opera, Carmen.  We will take two buses to a restaurant, eat dinner, and then walk over to the Metropolitan Opera House.  After the opera, which is over at 11:30 PM, Ana and I will be driven home by another co-worker.  All this is being paid for by my present boss.  It is the rest of my Christmas present!!!!  I asked Tim to come to the door to meet Ana because she knew him when he was much younger.  She’s going to be shocked to see this over six feet tall, 19-year-old come to the door to greet her.


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